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Life Insurance

We are dedicated to providing our clients with sound advice on insurance. We take the time to discuss your unique situation. An insurance portfolio is then designed to reduce your financial risk while working within your personal budget.

We provide you with access to the following products, tailored to your specific needs:

  • Life Insurance*
  • Term Life Mortgage Insurance*
  • Universal Life*
  • Living Benefits

Living Benefits may be paid to our clients while they are alive and need financial assistance during a disability. We design the right coverage for your particular and unique financial situation. These products can be a mix of:

*Insurance products provided through HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.

We discuss your financial plans and your current financial situation. We review your present portfolio including your pension, RRSP’s, RESP’s and savings plans. We can then design an investment portfolio that suits your goals and risk tolerance.  These products can include GIC’s (Guaranteed Investment Certificates), mutual funds and segregated funds.

Investment products provided through HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc.

HollisWealth is a trade name of HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc. and HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.  Mutual Fund products provided by HollisWealth are provided through HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc.  Insurance products provided by HollisWealth are provided through HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.™ Trademark of the Bank of Nova Scotia, used under license.

Meadwell Mowat & Fennell Insurance & Financial Services is an independent company.  Scotiabank companies have no liability for activities outside of HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc., and HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.

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HollisWealth Advisory Services Inc.
Insurance Advisor
HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.
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  • Income Replacement for Long Term Disability*
  • Critical Illness Insurance*
  • Long Term Care Insurance*
  • Group or Employee Benefits LTD*
  • Individual and Family Health Care*